Lollar Goild Foil pickups are in stock now!


I now stock Jason Lollar’s take on the legendary Gold Foil pickup. Hyped by Ray Cooder, Jason already started to produce a Supro Steel pickup, now you can complete your “Coodercaster” with a Gold Foil neck pickup… Or just buy a bridge – neck set. Or just buy a three pickup set with RWRP middle pickup to make a Gold Foil Strat!

Jason’s pickup is made as a very sturdy, long lasting pickup; it does not have the microphonic feature like the original. Shims are available that matches the bottom plate of the pickup, to adjust the height, like a P90 dogear.  A version to screw directly on the body (photo), and a version with a side mounting plate to connnect to a scratch plate and float on the top are available, nickel and gold. All variations can be ordered.

Jason Lollar:
One of the first questions we get asked when we meet guitar pickers is – “Do you make Gold Foil pickups”?.
Well, we finally took the hint, and spent the time (two years of R&D) to get it right. We use custom made parts, built to our specs. We hand stamp the foil inserts, one at a time – even the rivets holding the pickup together are custom made. As with all the pickups we make, every aspect of the design has been scrutinized and tested – to sound right and last a lifetime.

Our Gold Foil is a single coil pickup with unusual clarity and power. Expect crystal clear top end with lots of in-your-face harmonic overtones, and a wide dynamic range that can make a typical tube amp give up the dirt – while retaining all the detail and “3D” you expect from a Lollar. Rubberized ferrite magnet with 44 gauge wire. Single conductor only. Neck 6.2K, Middle 6.8K, Bridge 7.25K

Gold Foil pickups can be found in the webshop here:

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